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children's playgrounds

Ludotek's children's playgrounds are manufactured with strict quality controls. We are dedicated to games having high visual impact, able to accommodate a large number of children within. The playgrounds are always replete with a safety net, are made entirely in workshops within Italy using high-quality secure materials, and are certified with non-toxic products for Italy and Europe.


The playground structures encapsulate fun and challenging routes also for younger ones. The installation of each of the structures is carefully carried out, taking account of all precautions aimed at ensuring the greatest level of safety possible for the children. Only the best Italian and European materials are utilised, being fireproof and certified, whilst respecting all safety distances between the various components. The playgrounds are also suitable for psychomotor rehabilitation for those with disabilities, being constructed to favour maximum accessibility.


The foundations of the inflatable games are created in PVC with decorations hand-painted in non-toxic paint. Ludotek products are aimed at those seeking inflatable games or any play structure or playground that is of top quality, durable and fun. The professionalism, experience and passion of Ludotek's staff have rendered it one of the most important companies in the sector, appreciated for the utmost attention given by those who design the children's games.

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