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The indoor play equipment is certified as being Class 1 Fire Retardant, awarded after having passed the reaction to fire tests outlined by UNI 9177. In addition to the compliance certification as producers, certification for all materials utilised and the correct installation certification is also issued under UNI EN 1176.


Colourful and with great visual impact, they are ideal for covered play areas, family centres, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels. They can have modular structures with frames in galvanised iron tubes assembled with joints or else may be produced with fully pre-assembled panels that offer quick and easy installation, total modularity and the possibility of future expansions and exchanges.


The indoor inflatables offer first and foremost an opportunity for motor learning that occurs through play, whilst also offering an occasion for socialisation that is important for children. The interior can be enriched with tunnels, undulated slides, straight tube slides, or enclosed spiral slides.


With this type of indoor playground, children learn new and additional motor patterns, whilst improving their skills, their general dynamic coordination, body control and dynamic balance. The structures can be installed within shopping malls, parks, sports centres, airports, hotels, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, patisseries, game rooms, restaurants, etc.

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