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The outdoor playgrounds realised by Ludotek follow and uphold the strictest European standards in its class. The indoor play equipment is constructed from tested materials certificated in accordance with regulations, coated with non-toxic paints and textiles, tested for flow rate and wind resistance. For parks destined to remain outdoors, polyethylene or plastic games are usually proposed, and can include colourful rides, merry-go-rounds, climbing equipment and spring riders created in extremely resistant polyethylene with aluminium poles and stainless steel bolts. Also wooden equipment such as slides, swings, multi-activity play centres, gyms, and the like can be similarly suited to outdoor environments given their durability and resistance. They are easy to assemble and require no maintenance.


Children develop more creativity during games in which they can use manipulation. Imagination blocks, for example, serve as base materials for creativity and sensory exploration. In fact, imagination permits children to alter the space around them and allows for multiple activities that include creativity and motor skills, thanks to outdoor slides for children included in the structures.


The outdoor playgrounds, rather, have innovative expandable modular structures and great visual impact, with aluminium poles, polyethylene panels and slides, and stainless steel bolts. Robust and durable, they do not require any maintenance once installed. It is possible to select a variety of slides and activities within to render them suitable for a very wide age range (4-12 years).

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