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Playground design

Construction of children's play areas

playground design

Ludotek is dedicated to designing playgrounds and play areas with a detailed study of the appropriate structures based on the play space and the initial budget. The realisation of the project is carried out with special software and in respect of the relative budget. Our staff offers advice based on previous client experience, also providing guidance on the potential earnings of a possible franchise, with guaranteed used-for-new trade-ins for inflatable games to allow you to constantly renew the play area.


Upon request, it is possible to customise the playground with attractive set-ups, whilst supplying all necessary items for the play areas (such as coloured balls, slides, tubes...). The construction of children's play areas is carried out in compliance with all safety standards. In fact, a certification of compliance is issued that attests to the conformity with the norms in place.


The staff in charge of designing children's playgrounds provides a maintenance service to ensure durability over time. Designing is not the only service offered by the company. The personnel also deal with after-sales service and with maintenance and repairs effectuated under warranty by the staff year-round, even with same-day appointments. The staff takes care of the maintenance and repairs of the playground structures of any manufacturer, including play areas within shopping centres, schools, entertainment centres, restaurants, beaches, swimming facilities, tourist villages and any type of accommodation structure.

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